My First Memory

My First Memory

Wow, that was a great nap! Now, I wonder what I can do? It is so bright, and what is that I feel on my face? It must be that wind thing again. I wonder where wind comes from? Well, I’ll never find out lying here on my stomach – all I can see is the sheet I am on. I wonder where my piggly rag is – my toes feel very lonesome and alone without it. Ah, there it is. I guess I’ll get up and see what is around me – it sure is great to be able to just jump up and down on this bed. Let’s try that for a while, to find out how much noise I can make.

Here I am standing on my bed, and there are lots of bars all around me. I guess they are there for me to hang on to. Way over there I can see some water with a boat on it. Why can something stay on top of the water like that? When I am in water for my bath I sink to the bottom of the tub. Is the sky always so bright and sunny? I remember some other times when the sky was very noisy, and a bright light flashed on and off. Oh, and that was when water fell from the sky and everyone tried to run away from it. But I’m not afraid of water from the sky. I think that is called rain.

I wonder if I can make it rain by making the bright light go on and off? Maybe when I do that then rain will come from those pretty clouds up there, and that might scare my mom and dad. That would be fun. Let’s try it. Well, when I close my eyes it’s very dark in here, just like at night. Whee – I opened my eyes and it flashes light, but there is no noise. I wonder if I could make a noise like that? So, I’ll try flashing the light for a while and see what happens. That’s fun.

I think I have done that enough for now. Where’s my mom? Maybe I frightened her with all those bright lights. I’ll call her and let her know she is safe and not to worry. Mommy – Mommy – Mommy. Ah, she is here now, and I’ll let her pick me up so that I can snuggle up next to her. I love you too, Mom.

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