My Memoirs


  • Rum-0Genealogy
  • Rum-1Origins and Family
  • Rum-2Life in Hancock
  • Rum-3Grade School
  • Rum-4High School and the Boys
  • Rum-5Chicago Trips
  • Rum-6Michigan Tech and the Army
  • Rum-7Some Addenda
  • Rum-8A New Beginning in Auburn
  • Rum-9College and First Employment
  • Rum-10Life till Selma
  • Rum-11First Philippine Trip, 1967-68
  • Rum-12Between Philippine Trips 1969-1978
  • Rum-13Second Philippine Trip 1978-79
  • Rum-14Trips to China and the First End
  • Rum-15A Second Beginning – Until 2009
  • Rum-162010 – ?

12 Replies to “My Memoirs”

  1. It is with sadness that I learned of John’s passing. I have known John for nearly 45 years. He was a mentor and friend who was always ready to engage in great, thoughtful conversation. He was one of the most genuine people I have ever known. He “walked the walk” and acted on his deepest convictions. I met John and Sally through the Syracuse Peace Council in the 1970’s where his social activism shined light on to the issues of the era. I am certain that John will “do what needs to be done” wherever he is going!! It was an honor to have known him. Thanks John……….

  2. Mark and Francine, please accept our deepest condolences at the passing of your dad. You will always be in our prayers.

    Dc Tom Cuskey & family
    Christ the King Church

  3. We are so sorry for the family’s loss.
    I am Joy and my husband is Roger and we are both from the Philippines.
    Memories with Dr JD will always be in our hearts forever.
    My husband being the Chairman of the Department worked closely with Dr JD when the latter was then the visiting professor of the university. He was a mentor and he was more of a father to us
    Dr JD was one of the principal sponsors during our wedding.
    Roger and I are deeply saddened by his demise.
    God has gained an angel in heaven.
    Our prayers and thoughts.
    We love him so dearly
    Rest in peace Dr JD.

  4. So sad to hear of John’s passing. I have very fond memories of him at both SU and various peace events growing up. He was a great friend to my father as well. My last memory of John was when I was on the phone with my dad and he was waiting for John to give him a ride. I heard them joke about the “taxi” service
    and he jokingly gave my dad a quarter for the ride. A wonderful person and the world is a better place because of him.

  5. Jim – Sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. It has been a long time but I never forget a name.

  6. John was a great friend of my family, especially my father. John and my Dad were great influences on each other in their pursuit of peace and justice for everyone. I remember John as both a very smart man, and a very kind man. I attended the Engineering Department where John taught, and while I never took a class from him, his warmth and kindness stood out. My deepest condolences to John’s family. We’ve all lost a wonderful, funny, warm, passionate and very smart man. His legacy, however, will live on.

  7. What a wonderful man. Thank you for sharing his memoirs and pictures with all of us. It brought back many memories, as well as getting a glimpse into an impressive life, a generous and conscientious person. Our thoughts are with all of you.

  8. I met John and his first wife Sally shortly after I moved to Syracuse at the end of 1981. I was surprised several months later when they invited me to a party at their home simply because I was an active Peace Council person, even though they didn’t know me well. Over the decades I had many opportunities to work with John and appreciate his wit, passion, charm and brilliance. John and I were on opposite sides of the debate about whether to computerize the Peace Council’s mailing list back in 1982 (I guess he was right). But we’ve been on the same side so many times since then, and we were always able to joke about our differences. John will be missed. He’ll be in my thoughts as I continue working for the just, peaceful world he visioned and worked towards.

  9. It was always a pleasure to greet and be greeted by John, whatever the circumstance. It was especially fun at the gym, where we commiserated with each other. At other events, I was impressed with his sharp observations and kind regards for mine. John, you were one of the good people. I’ll always love you,

  10. So sorry to hear about John D’s death! He was a long time friend of my father Cyril LaTendresse and my grandparents! He spent a lot of time on the farm with us when I was a young girl! I went to his wedding when he and Dolores were married and to his birthday party a few years ago! He will be missed! We kept in touch at Christmas and though Facebook! Such a kind and gentle man! My his soul Rest In Peace!?

  11. Just heard of John’s passing today. I have fond memories of John Brule. I kind of knew him since I was very young. My father worked in the same department as Dr. Brule. John was always a warm and friendly even after he retired. He will be missed.

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