The Maternal Genealogy of
Stella Esther Poisson
(mother of John Dosithe Brule)

The ancestors of John’s mother lived and worked in the county of Nicolet, Quebec before their emigration and settling in Upper Michigan abt 1868. In the 1800s, they, and their neighbors, were “cultivateurs” (farmers) and “laborers.” They were solidly rooted in the French Catholic church culture and its religious values, rituals, and practices which shaped their expectations and character for generations. Their attachment to Land, Family, and the “French” Catholic Church was paramount.

Your Grandparents
Houghton County, Michigan

The name “Poisson” is familiar in northern Michigan; so is the English translation to “fish,” or “fisher.”

Stella Esther Poisson was born in Chassell, Michigan in 1894. She was the third child of John D. Poisson and Emelie/ Amelie Cote. Both parents were born in Quebec, in the county of Nicolet. It is difficult to establish precisely when each of them emigrated, and finally came into Michigan.

They were married in Lake Linden, Houghton Count, Michigan on May 1, 1887. The witnesses at their marriage were Edward Poisson, and Albert Cote.

Their children were all born in Houghton County, Michigan. John probably worked in the lumber business before he tried to make a living as a hotel keeper, according to the 1900 U. S. census. He knew that renting rooms to laborers in the lumbering and mining operations moving back and forth between Canada and the lakeside U. S. border states was a need that could provide a cash income. And it did for a while. At least two male Poisson “labourers” of this period died in lumber accidents; one Joseph Poisson killed by a “falling tree.”

John however, decided to “go back to the land” and the 1910 Census finds him in Chassell, reported as a “farmer.” The census records also tell us that Emelie gave birth to at least one other child, who did not live. Like many French Canadians, and other emigrants, the Poissons changed their name. In most of the U. S, records they are listed as John and Emily Fish. Census documents are not always accurate. When you look at the four census documents (1900, 1910, 1920, and 1923) for their household, you expect a consistency of information on basic questions, such as “where were you born?” In 1920 John is reported born in Maine; yet in the 1900 and 1910 census he lists birth in French Canada.

Great Grandparents

The mystery of the name “Dosithe” is solved in the baptismal record of “John D.” The Poissons live in the parish of St. Edouard, Nicolet, village of Gentilly and that is where his parents marry and raise their very large family. A parish in French Canada was often a recognized civil municipality. “Dosithe is the 9th child, baptized on January 19, 1863. It is the baptismal date that is recorded in Quebec, not the birth date. His parents are Pascal Poisson., (son of Pascal Poisson and Marguerite Brunel) and Esther Hebert dit Manuel, daughter of Francois Hebert dit Manuel and Victoire Lavigne. They were married on January 7, 1845 in St. Edouard’s, their home parish. The record states that an impediment had been dispensed with by the recognized officials of the church, and that the parents gave their consent. As was the custom, brothers were the primary witnesses for the families. Jean Evangeliste Poisson, Pascal’s brother; Augustin Verville, “beau frere,” (brother in law). His sister Philomene’s husband; and Joseph Hebert dit Manuel, Esther’s brother. They had a large family; the ideal for an agricultural French Catholic family.

While the records are not always easy to translate, I believe there are about 14 children born to them: Marie Climeme, Cyrille, Albert, Melanie, Agnes, Octave (1 st dies infancy; second named Joseph Octave b. 1860; Sarah, Dosithe, Virginie, Eugene, Philomene, Josephine, Olive, Horace ..)
We know, because of records located, that at least one sibling, Albert, the eldest son, moved to Michigan also. He was born about 1850, and was twelve years older than John “D.” he married Sarah Mercier in 1873, and we know of at least two children of theirs who were born in Chassell, Michigan. Joseph was born in Lake Linden in 1881. Edward was born in Chassell in 1891. So there would be descendants from Albert in the area, as well as directly through John D. Poisson.


Esther’s parents were Francois Amable Hebert dit Manuel. Their home poarish was St. Edouard’s, Nicolet, Gentilly. Francois was born on Feb 9, 1783. He married Marie Victoire Rivard-Lavigne, who was b. 18 May, 1790.

Great, Great Grandparents

Pascal “pere”, was born about 1785. He married Marguerite Beaufort-Brunel in St. Edouard’s Parish, Nicolet, village of Gentilly. Felix was born 1815, Julie 1820, Pascal, 1821, and Pierre Onesiphore in 1822. Another family lists a Joseph Poisson, born 1825. There may be other children, from these parents but these are the ones I have discovered so far. Marguerite Beaufort-Brunelle’s parents were Alexis Beaufort Brunelle and Genevieve Baril.

Great 3X Grandparents

Pascal parents were Joseph Antoine Poisson ( b. march 29, 1743 in Champlain, Champlain, Quebec. He married Marie Josephyte Provencher in Becancour, Nicolet  on January 21, 1782. Marie Josephyte’s parents were Charles Provencher and Marguerite Deshaies-Tourigny. Joseph and Marie had, at least, five children: Antoine Charles Innocent Poisson, Pascal Poisson b. 1785; Marguerite Poisson, Julie Poisson, Pierre Poisson.

Great 4X Grandparents

Joseph Antoine Poisson’s parents are Alexis-Francois Poisson and Marguerite Genevieve Rivard-Levigne/Lavigne. Alexis-Francois was born in Champlain, Champlain, Quebec on January 12, 1716. His occupation was Quatrieme Seigneur de Gentilly. He married Marguerite Genevieve Rivard Lavigne on July 1741 in Champlain, Champlain, Quebec. He died on January 2, 1796 in Champlain, Champlain.

Great 5X Grandparents

Alexis Francois (often called Francois) Poisson was the son of Jean Francois Poisson and Elizabeth Disy. They were married July 5, 1841. *The “story” about Jean Francois was that he was taken by the Iroquis with others, never returned, and was supposed killed by them. Something to look into.
Francois is one of the four surviving children, the only son.

Nicolet, St. Pierre Les Becquets

Nicolet, Parish of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Becancour
Great Grandparents Emelie Cote was born abt 1859 in the village of Becancour. Her parents were Edouard Coté and Marie Sophie St. Louis who were married February 2, 1858 in the Parich of the Nativity of the B. V. M. in Becancour. Edward, however, was not from this parish, but a resident of St Pierre des Becquets.

The 1861 Canada census shows them as a family of four living in St. Pierre des Bequets, within the extended Cote family, with their two daughters: AdelinelDelina, and her sister, Emelie, born two years earlier, probably 1860, who was then 1 year old. Delina, we know, also came to Michigan, and married Thelmas Soumis in 1887, the same year her sister Emilie married John D. Poisson.

In 1871, I do not find the family, they seemed to have moved and Edwards’ parents, and the remaining family members, also moved away from Nicolet since the last census. They are living in St. Jean, Lotbiniere, north of Becancour.  Along the St. Lawrence River. Joseph is making a living as a “cordonnier,” a shoe repairer, while his sons are listed as day laborers. But I have not located Edward and Sophie.

Nicolet, S1. Pierre Les Becquets

Nicolet, Parish of Navivity of B. V. M., Becancour
The parents of Edouard Coté are Joseph Coté and Josephte Dusiaume(?) In the 1851 census, their household consists of Flora , 19; Paul A. Brejean (probably Flora’s husband) Joseph Coté 16; Josephine, 16; Edouard, 12; Ludger 9; Theodore 4; and Clie, age 1. Since the ages of the parents are 46 and 49 respectively, it is possible there were other children who moved close by, or who died.

Becancour, Nicolet

The parents of Marie Sophie S1. Louis, (who married Edouard Coté) and who are therefore your great grandparents, are Theodore S1. Louis, b abt 1788 in Becancour, and Marguerite Richer, born abt 1794. Sophie S1. Louis was baptized March 12, 1842 in Becancour in the Parish of the Nativity of the B. V. M. Her godparents were Oliver Richer, and Marguerite St. Louis. In the 1851 census, the household consists of Zephrim, 20; Euphresne, 17; Ferdinand, 13; Sophie, 10; and Michel, age 44, and Magdalene Deshaies. The age of the parents at the date ofthis record would be 63 and 57 respectively, so we can safely speculate that more children were born between Michael (44) and Zephrim (20).
Theodore St. Louis married Marie Anne Richer on February 13, 1816 in Parish of the Nativity of the B. V. M. in Becancour., Nicolet.

Theodores’ parents are Joseph St. Louis & Marie Anne Levigne/Lavigne. Marie Anne’s parents are Jean Baptiste Richer & Marie Anne Robichaud/Robicho

Jean Baptiste Richer married Marie Louise Robicho/Robichaud on January 24, 1780 in Parish of the Nativity of the B. V. M. in Becancour, Nicolet. Jean Baptiste Richer is the son of Joseph Richer & Marie Jeanne J/Geillet(?) Marie Louise Robicho is the daughter of Francois Robicho & Cecille Tibeadeu(?)


Josephte Dussiaume’s (spouse of Joseph Coté) name was especially difficult to read. After a while I realized she was the only one I had seen with a different origin noted. I could barely make out “nord-ouest” which does in fact mean Northwest Territories (Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) and that a few letters I could not make out as a language. But trying a different approach, with the help of other Page 5 researchers, I discovered that Josephte was a “Metis”, that is, a “half breed” born of French Canadian and Indian parents.

In general the Dussiaume ancestry has been charted, but to fill in detail will take significant time.


Josephyte/Josephine was the daughter of Joseph Alexander Jussiaume and
Marguerite Goulet. Joseph Alexander Jussiaume’s parents are Pierre Alexandre Alexis Jusseaume and Marie Louise Legris dit Lepine. Pierre Alexandre Alexis Jusseaume’s parents are Alexandre Jusseaume and Marie Anne Madeleine Audet dit Lapointe. Alexandre Jusseaume’s parents are francois Jusseaume de France and Catherine Langelle dit Langelier de France.


Brule Family History
As Recalled By
Edward J. Brule
July 30, 1975


Joseph Hercule Brule was born July 19, 1852, son of Norbert Brule
and Sophie Beaugrand dit Champagne in the parish of St. Cuthbert
Province of Quebec, Canada. He came to Lake Linden at the age of 16 yearsand worked in a lumber camp for Joseph Gregoire. He died in 1919 at the age of 67. He was married at the age of 20.


Aurore Ethier born in Black Brook, N. Y. in 1856, month of December(date unknown). She was the daughter of Joseph Ethier and(mother’s name unknown). Her mother died very young and her father’s death was accidental. He was hauling hay into the hay barn and walking along the side of the wagon. His chest was crushed between they hay rack and the door frame.


How they (mother and dad) came to lake linden, I do not know for sure.It seemed they came by train as far as L’Anse. then by tugboat to the Gregoire sawmill at Gregoirevil1e which was across Torch Lake from Lake linden. They did not come together.  Dad worked in a lumber camp at Boot Jack for Jos. Gregoire. That iswhere he met mother, she and her sister worked as helpers to the woman cook at the camp. They were married Christmas week of 1872.  On their wedding day, they travelled from Boot Jack to Gregoireville by horse and sleigh,·’then across Torch lake over the ice to Hubbell where they were married.

Genealogy of the Brulé name

Edward Joseph Brule married Stella Fish July 26, 1920Joseph Hercule Brule married Aurora Ethier, Winter 1872, Lake Linden Norbert Brule married Sophie Beauregard February 2, 1841 St. Cuthbert, Canada
Joseph Brule married Angele Thomas dit Tranchemontagne July 27, 1812, St. Cuthbert
Joseph Brule married Marie-Anne Laurendeau January 30, 1775, La Visitation, L’-lie-Dupas
Joseph Brule married  Marie-Anne Sylvestre January 28, 1750, La Visitation, L’-lie-Dupas
Antoine Brule dit Francoeur married Angelique Melin November 1, 1711,  Contrat Lepallieur
Antoine Brule marred Madeline Aubry in Saint-Germaine d’Amiens Picardie, France

Je me souviens – I remember

Centre de documentation et de genealogie de L’-lie d’Orleans enr.

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